Dentures in Point Pleasant

Dentures are an attractive cosmetic solution for patients desiring to restore their natural appearance. Whether you have experienced tooth loss because of aging or a dental emergency, our dentist understands the importance of having a confident and beautiful smile.

Dentures Procedure

There are multiple types of dentures available for a natural-looking smile. If your dentist recommends dentures, you will have a fitting to make sure the dentures rest properly along your gums. Once the dentures are inserted, some find it takes a few weeks to get accustomed to the device. At first, you may experience minor irritation or soreness, and the dentures may feel loose inside your mouth. These symptoms typically resolve within a few weeks. Follow-up appointments are needed to guarantee proper fitting and to guarantee complications are correctly addressed.

Advantages of Dentures

The goal of dentures is not only to restore the cosmetic appearance of a patient’s smile but also by filling out their profile and assuring their natural appearance does not change much. Most find it is easier to eat and talk with dentures which is something we usually take for granted. Proper care of your dentures will ensure that you will continue to have a positive experience for a lifetime.

Proper Care of Dentures

Your cosmetic dentist will encourage you to properly care for your dentures the same way you would your natural teeth. Dentures require daily brushing to ensure your remove infection-causing bacteria. When not in use, it is best to place dentures in a container with water to prevent them from warping. If you have full dentures, you should brush your tongue and gums also to help prevent gum disease and other complications. If using an adhesive to keep your dentures in place, be sure to use a product with the ADA seal to guarantee safety and effectiveness.

Schedule Your Consultation

To find out if dentures are right for you, please contact our office to schedule a consultation or ask any questions you may have about the procedure. We look forward to assisting you with restoring your radiant, confident smile, and appearance.